Leather Swatches

Materials (See Swatches Above)

Leather(L): Refers to a top grain, corrected smooth surface cowhide. This leather prints well with both solids and reverses, as well as blind embossing. Seven Colours are available. (See Swatches Above)

Natural(N): Refers to a top grain, original veg cowhide, that has simply been buffed. This leather prints well with foils, but it is best blind embossed. Comes in natural colour only. (See Swatch Above)

Premium Bonded(E): Refers to a slightly pebbled surfaced re-manufactured leather. It is made in a similar manner as chip board. It foils and blind embosses well. It is available in Black, Brown, Navy & Beige. Beige cannot be debossed.  (See Swatches Above)

Nu Buck(NB): A soft, top grain leather, wheat color, with a slight nap finish. Blind embossed only! (See Swatch Above)

Due to the current leather market, we cannot guarantee all materials shown will be in stock at all times – check stock to make sure your selection is available.